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Our Services Include

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Larry Spun Products is a family owned business that was established in 1956.

Larry Hurtado began a small business from scratch with a few spinning lathes and tools.

Through much hard work and family support, the company was able to grow to become more versatile. Roman Hurtado, son of Larry, helped this growth by incorporating other types of manufacturing such as stamping, wire cutting, die making, welding, and CNC machining.

Larry and Roman both helped Larry Spun Products expand to new areas of work besides the Aircraft Industry. Some other products that have been produced are bedding fixtures, lighting fixtures, commercial pressure switches, and some automotive parts as well. Through the years the company has managed to progress with changes and achieve high levels of Quality as well as good customer service.

Now that we are in the New Millenium, there is more family involvement, more expansion, and greater possibilities for us as well as you, our customers!

Larry Spun Products was built on the premise that "Our product's quality will be remembered long after it's price has been forgotten"

We build good parts - always GOOD PARTS.
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